24-Hour Towing in Tujunga

Our tow trucks are always on staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tujunga Towing Services remain open to make sure that your tow is completed no matter the time of day or night! Why do our tow trucks operate 24 hours? You may ask. Our tow trucks used to operate between the hours of 6am to 12am, midnight. When we took on tows that occurred between 11pm-midnight, our tow trucks would be called upon for additional services such as roadside assistance or winch outs at 1am, and we thought then it’d be best to stay up and serve the community of Tujunga 24 hours instead. We employed additional tow truck drivers to cater to more tows in the late hours of the night. We strive to protect you!

Serving Tujunga and Surrouding Areas with Our Towing and Roadside Services

Contact Tujunga Towing Services today by calling us and speaking with our very friendly and professional dispatchers about receiving a tow today! We believe in our mission to keep Tujunga Streets clean and clear of traffic so that our friends, neighbors, and family can travel safely and securely. We aim to make sure that if you need a tow, that you call only once so that the tow you need is done to perfection! Our tow trucks are local to the Tujunga area but we also bring forth our towing service to cities such as La Crescenta, Flintridge,  Sunland, Burbank, and even Montrose. Give us a call today for local towing services near you!

Tow Trucks of Tujunga Towing

Looking for safe and secured towing services? Request a flatbed tow truck today! Upgrades may apply, but flatbed tow trucks transport your car safely to your destination of choice. Wheel Lift tow trucks are also available for your tow, but we prefer to reserve wheel lift tow trucks for more pressing situations such as underground parking lots, low clearance situations and situations where cars cannot go into neutral.

Tujunga Towing Services

Wheel Lift Towing Tujunga

Though these situations happen every day, we know that only certain tow truck professionals are capable of performing these tows, guarantee extreme minimal to zero damages to your car when towed. For more questions regarding our towing services in Tujunga, visit other pages in our website, or call Tujunga Towing Services today and talk to one of our dispatchers.

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