Tips and Advice for Young or Teen Drivers During Vehicle Breakdowns

If your teen driver will is driving, you may need to advise them about what to do if they end up having vehicle breakdowns, flat tires or car lockouts. Most young drivers experienced a breakdown last year.

They need to be advised before any of the roadside issues happen. Certainly, parents will not want their children having to deal with roadside breakdowns will on the side of a busy highway. This can be potentially dangerous to them. Thus when they encounter problems, they need to know who to call for help.

They need to be prepared in advance in order for them to know what to do. It is best to save the telephone number of one of two reliable towing companies in the area. So when emergencies happen, they know have backup for assistance.

Brief through the different roadside situations with them. When they accidentally lock themselves outside the car, do not just stand and wait for help by besides the vehicles; if there are buildings, it is safer to wait inside. Take note of the location where they have parked their vehicles, wait inside the building and come out when the roadside assistance arrives. When the drivers met car break down on the road, tell them to stay in the vehicle for safety. Lock the doors and wait for towing company to arrive. Never accept help from unknown sources, as they can be scammers.

Some of the items recommended to be kept in an automobile:


It is a good idea to prepare some snacks such as granola bars, chocolate bars or energy bars. Ready to eat meals are also good alternatives.


In case when you encounter vehicle breakdowns in cold nights, you definitely want a blanket to keep you warm until assistance arrives. You may also consider gloves, wool socks to keep your hands and feet warm at lower temperatures. So you will not have to endure an even more unpleasant experience than you already have.

​Emergency Triangle

Warning Triangles can be put on the road to warn other drivers when you have a car breakdown or emergency. These large triangles with strong folding metal base stand and reflective material are easy to take and store. They can prove useful to increase safety when facing vehicle breakdowns on the road. They should have reflective material for maximum visibility and safety, come a with stand and protective case, and they need to have wide-spaced legs for stability when placed on the ground.


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